About Us


Industries Served

  • Machine Shops
  • Aerospace¬†
  • Food Service
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Plastic injection Molding
  • Structural¬†
  • Robotics
  • Automotive Parts
  • Custom Machine Assemblies
  • Oil
  • Military and Defense
    • Cage: 86FD6


Our certifications and extensive knowledge of various alloys make us a preferred partner when it comes to welding and fabrication on aerospace parts. Our stringent testing processes exceeds the codes and specifications required by our customers.


Machine Shops

Many of our customers are able to source parts in house. We are able to provide them quality on-time welding and fabrication solutions for their projects.


Pressure Vessel

We have been ASME Pressure Vessel certified for over 40 years, and remain committed to exceeding the standard.