GMP Welding and Fabrication

Some of Our Work
  GMP Welding is a job shop specializing in most steel allloys such as:
4130 / 4140
Mold and Tool steels such as:
A-2, D-2, S-7, P-20, etc.

 Stainless steels such as:
304, 316, 400 series, 2209, 17-4 ph etc.
Hastelloy and Inconel alloys such as:
Inco 718, Inco 625 and Inco 617.
Hast C, Hast C276, Hast W, Hast B

Most Aluminum Alloys


Bearing Diameter weld repair

   On the left is an Aluminum Bronze weld overlay of a worn out bearing diameter.

   On the right is a bearing diameter and seal diameter weld overlay on a 7" diameter steel mixer blade Shaft.

Both will be remachined to the propper sizes and put back into service.
 On the far left are fan blade assemblies.

  In the midle are limit switch brackets.

 On the right is a gear assembly.

Steel Weldments

  1.              Before
    This 2" diameter arbor was damaged during machining. The material is hardened 8620.
  2. Die Weld Repair
    Die Weld Repair
    We can weld your worn out punch and die section cutting edges and maintain the designed hardness specifications. These parts were welded and are ready to be machined.
  3. Micro Welding
    Micro Welding
    This damaged S-7 mold insert was micro welded with under 10 amps to reduce weld distortion. It is ready to be machined back to designed specification and put back into production.
  4.                After
    The arbor is welded, matching the hardness of the base material and is ready to be machined back to its original condition.
Stainless Steel Steps
  We supply custom equipment to the Pharmaceutical Industry
Large Oil Pump Weldment
The welds on this pump had to pass stringent ultrasonic  inspection.
Gear Weldment Assembly
Stainless Steel Vacuum Dryer
Gear assembly welded semi-automatic on a rotating positioner.  We have welding positioners up to 25,000 pound capacity.
  GMP Welding supplies vacuum dryer ovens to the food service industry.